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The green furniture development momentum


      Recently, the Sustainable development of household products commission (Sustainable Furnishings, SFC) Green Home products consumer research report (Green Home Furnishings Study) has been issued. 460 consumers in the survey, 72.5% of respondents are 25 to 54 years old, 62.3% of respondents annual family income of 50000 yuan to 150000 yuan.

      Like last year, around 50% of consumers, points out that if the style and the price is similar to other products, they are "very interested" to buy green furniture. A large part of consumers to sustainable development is of great concern, but think furniture retailers and manufacturers need to let the consumer know the benefits of sustainable household products. This need furniture retailers and manufacturers with the green home has a deep understanding of yourself understand the green environmental protection furniture material, produced what positive effects to the environment, then these ideas to the house of consumption.

      The report in a lot of domestic websites, but everybody misses the point, 54.3% of respondents said they plan to spend 2014 or more of the same money to buy home decoration. As can be seen in 2014, the furniture in the United States still has a large market, and consumers pay close attention to the green environmental protection furniture. Now the green environmental protection furniture market in the United States, is not the consumer, but the maker of the problem.

      Now our country furniture export accounts for the dominant position of the furniture industry, exports accounted for about a third of the whole furniture industry. In the exporter, America's biggest market is our country furniture exports. Although year-on-year decline, this year China's exports to the United States furniture this year July 1, the United States began to implement the composite wood products formaldehyde standard act, reduce again in the wood of the release quantity of formaldehyde of sales and wholesale increased than the original request 3 to 4 times. Cause of China's furniture exports to the United States. But our country furniture manufacturing counterparts, also should see the opportunity of green environmental protection furniture, vigorously develop the green environmental protection furniture; At the same time improve their technology level, make the products can reach the standard.

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