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Office furniture thinkingcountermeasures of the domestic market (2)


In view of the full stop building the partygovernment organs of government building projects, office, hotel furniture enterprises should timely transformation.

Office furniturethe domestic market the thinkingcountermeasures of (a)


In view of the real estate has become a focal point of all the problems, the furniture industry must pay close attention to.

The green furniture development momentum


Recently, the Sustainable development of household products commission (Sustainable Furnishings, SFC) Green Home products consumer research report (Green Home Furnishings Study) has been issued. 460 consumersthe survey, 72.5 of respondents are 25 to 54 years old, 62.3 of respondents annual family income of 50000 yuan to 150000 yuan.

Understated elegance: Sydney Shine office design


Sydney Shine company look forward to the new office design distinctive. America's top furnisher Herman Miller Sense workstations for companies Shine office furniture design, clevercreative concept design for Shine company sustained developmentgrowth provides a solution.