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Office furniturethe domestic market the thinkingcountermeasures of (a)


In view of the real estate has become a focal point of all the problems, the furniture industry must pay close attention to.

Year-on-year growth of 20.3% in the name of the first half of the national real estate development investment, fast all over social investment in fixed assets was 0.2%. House prices are still in the slow rise. The entity economy, capital flow to the real estate; The stock market downturn, flows into real estate; Gold prices fell, flows into real estate. Real estate as the last refuge of all the money, which means that systemic risk is still in accumulation. Problems focus on real estate does not mean that the root cause in real estate, root in the monetary system, fiscal and taxation system, land system, appraisal system and so on. Chinese academy of social sciences institute of urban development and environment "estate blue book" thought, from 2012 in the first half of China's real estate market development situation and housing market data to see, this year the country still faces greater upward pressure on house prices.

Therefore, in view of the acceleration of urbanization of our country town, we have a line in a stable market, on the basis of should fully exploit lines to two, three or even four furniture market. At the same time, in view of the quick construction of affordable housing, develop marketable products are cheap and fine.

In view of the insufficient consumer confidence in the market, to carry out a series of promotional activities.

1, in order to implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government on the overall requirement of expanding domestic demand, and actively respond to goods hall of province committee and the letter "about 2013 guangdong products exhibition activities notice (guangdong approved by letter the association letter [2013] no. 1269), the provincial economic and information commission, under the unified deployment of the five, June and July this year, the province furniture association held in haikou city, hefei, yangzhou, respectively," 2013 guangdong products exhibition, exhibition of M3 in hainan, guangdong furniture (hefei) exhibited, guangdong home (yangzhou) exhibited "three exhibitions, exhibition activities. Furniture at the same time, industrial associations, developers, distributors, manufacturers, organization forms of sales promotion activity, invite stars and celebrities, one thousand party hundreds a favorable marketing measures and means, activities, and actively guide the enterprise to the second and third market.

2, September, October, will also be in guangzhou province furniture association, music from the host, the "32 China (guangzhou) international furniture expo", "(music from) the ninth China annatto furniture art exhibition"; In September, continue to support dongguan "thirtieth session of the international famous furniture exhibition"; In November, respectively in fuzhou, Macao organization member enterprises to participate in "China (fuzhou) household building materials exhibition", "the ninth macau hotel supplies exhibition". Expand the international and domestic household market.

For custom furniture is gradually popular, promote the healthy development of custom furniture.

In recent years, decorate in the household market, the difference of the consumer and the increasing demand for personalized, such as cabinets, wardrobe, bookcase, bedside table, cloakroom custom furniture such as gradually popular. Furniture industry experts believe that with the personalized consumption era, personalized consumption is a trend, but does not mean that the custom furniture is widespread promotion, at present, a lot of furniture market is forming style selection, design more mix of "wild card" state. Consumers think, personalized custom furniture, style is novel, the most important thing is that they can participate in custom furniture, enjoy the "transparent" service. As long as not special material choice, custom products are much more expensive than standardization. Family change is a big factor, small and medium-sized family, finished product furniture gradually cannot meet the requirements of consumers for growing space utilization, custom furniture so has the development opportunity. Nevertheless, business is still hard to large area promotion, in addition to large-scale industrial production problems, is faced with many problems to the standard industry problems.

For online furniture is becoming a new trend, moderate development of furniture electrical contractor.

1, the combination of priority to the development of e-commerce and entity shop sales model, namely the O2O mode. Manufacturing enterprises shall be brought into play the existing offline store do direct and electricity product experience, brand promotion and propaganda on the Internet, online can clinch a deal. According to alibaba data, the "double ten" in 2012, residential sales of furniture of guangdong province ranked ninth in all categories, domestic outfit advocate material was ranked no. 11. All the home goods, sales is the best bed is tasted suite, guangdong people are buying the bed is tasted suite pay treasure to clinch a deal amount of nearly 35 million. Leather sofa, cloth art sofa is popular and sales of 9.3 million yuan and more than 500 ten thousand yuan respectively. Conventional furniture store has the characteristic of experience, online shopping is difficult to meet consumer demand in this respect, online and offline combination can get twice the result with half the effort.

2, pure electric furniture business still has a long way to go. At present, the development of pure electric furniture dealer can be said to be the sorry tale, despite an annual increase of pure electricity many furniture, but fail at the same time also many, the collapse of pure electric furniture business between the average life expectancy in the six months to a year. After-sales service is often ignored by furniture electricity, but it is a lot of home shopping brands short-lived key reasons. Because of the high damage rate of furniture products in logistics link, if there is no after-sales service system, once appear, can only return damage, the second shipment, not only produce the huge logistics cost, and cause the user's complaints. If you have the perfect after-sales service system, these problems can be avoided completely.

3, in order to solve the online commodity experiential defects as well as logistics and after-sales service and the particularity, small pure furniture electric business enterprise from the best piece of business, small products, solid or can tear open outfit products, products of concise and lively, fashion appearance generous, gradual development. At the same time, the industry also need to foster a batch of "good reputation, strong ability, wide radiation" the large household logistics, installation and after-sales service one-stop public service companies (team), for the majority of small and medium-sized furniture of pure electric business services.

4, and strive to resolve "three difficult" online furniture. A it's hard to transport, freight high and only sent to the logistics hub. Due to the volume and weight of the furniture is larger, the freight is basically in the 50-500 yuan between, on the other hand, to the logistics stand is not equal to home delivery or delivery, all these need another billing. 2 it is installed, a lot of household electricity installation service only supports the big cities. In addition to the postage and delivery problems, some furniture installation is very tedious, become consumer headaches. 3 it is to return difficult, red tape prohibitive.

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