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Foshan Mingle Furniture Co.,Ltd

Talent recruitment

Company profile:

Company to young people oriented, to build a platform for young people to struggle, with 2000 square new modern exhibition hall and office, complete qualification! The company advocates active key Kang active team thinking, four times a year team travel, outdoor team to expand the activities of a number of times to build a younger generation of struggling home.

Business Manager (several names)
Job requirements: men and women are not limited (20-40 years old);
Professional requirements: marketing or management professional, technical secondary school or above;
Job requirements: decisive, strong sense of responsibility, excellent communication and coordination ability;
Experience: understand the furniture industry, the basic knowledge of the sales industry, have a good insight into the ability and strain capacity, good at communication and coordination.

I provide relevant training, room and board and salary interview.

Foreign trade partner / service member (a number of names)
Job requirements: men and women are not limited (20-40 years old);
Job responsibilities: responsible for the foreign trade business, the main products for furniture products!
Qualifications: college graduate or above, there is no experience can be! Must have a good learning and career mentality! English level four or above!
Working time: at least 8 hours of work system and the boss's mentality!
My company mainly engaged in furniture trade, online operations, business operations, and international furniture trade. (non Taobao or Tmall)
Interested can call communication, then just. I am Secretary to provide relevant personal training and ability to enhance the classroom.
Salary: basic salary + commission (paid)

Understand the best image editing software!

Job requirements: men and women are not limited (20-40 years old);
Another seeking foreign trade cooperation business operators, interested in their own business, can operate independently of the whole set of foreign trade business please contact! Division I provide all the necessary platform for foreign trade, including offices, exhibition, exhibition, foreign trade B2B platform.